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to meet in this (Baptist) church in Sharon, August, 1829, little anticipating the revolution which was to take place in it before that time. I occasionally heard the Disciples preach, and on the 28th of May, 1837, I was immersed by John Henry, and united with the church." It is of special interest to pause and note the workings of his mind, and the disposing causes which acted. John, very early in life, was the subject of deep and pungent religious convictions. "I believed, therefore have I spoken." The word of God was true; he knew, he felt it true, and he made the people feel it too.

Hayden s 1875 History of the Disciples #3

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His forcible preaching compelled a crisis, and the whole church, eight or ten only excepted, discarded the creed and the name of the party, and adopted the New Covenant as the divinely appointed basis of the church, with only such names as the New Testament. He went to Lancaster and to Platteville. During the time of his apprenticeship, he omitted no opportunity to read and study. A "genuine" experience it was, according to the standards of that day. 'Come he says, 'come unto me-you shall find rest.' But, then his soul in anguish cried, "that blessed voice is for the elect alone; I may not be one; I dare not stir." If some earnest comforter spoke of the loving Jesus, and. For a few years, they held meetings in a building rather useful than costly, owned by the elder Jesse Hall, and which he finally deeded to the trustees, with the grounds belonging. His work is done, and he is entered into rest.