Vancouver hookup reddit

vancouver hookup reddit

behaviour. Rule 5, spam will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in a ban. I used to do polyamory, but it still follows traditional relationship roles, and often times can get cringey when people practice hierarchical polyamory. There ARE rules, however, and everybody is expected to follow them. For those that can't easily see the sidebar, here is a screenshot: sidebar, rule 1, this subreddit. I won't get upset if you want to hook up with exes, friends, etc. Everyone knows Vancouver is/isn't the self-described dating hell scape we all know and love. Any content not related to Vancouver. What do you recommend doing in order to get the most out of dating?

Despite being a slut/non-monogamist, I am an ethical one, I have principles, standards, and values. Please click the links below for more info. Rule 12, no advertising group conversations. Rule #7 - Similar to stories recently posted. Anyhow sorry for getting super serious there for a moment, but it was necessary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I also live with ailing relatives, and they are the main reason I came out here, and I'm out to them and they are accepting so no worries there, where we live I currently cannot host though as far as overnights are concerned). Hello and welcome to /r/r4r!

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