Local sex for sale

local sex for sale

a sum which a council are entitled to recover under that Act and with. EW 9(1)Subject to paragraphs 11 and 27 below, any licence under this Schedule shall, unless previously cancelled under paragraph 16 or revoked under paragraph 17(1) below, remain in force for one year or for such shorter period specified in the licence as the appropriate authority. (3)A notice under subsection (2) above shall specify the works which the local authority propose to undertake. In Schedule 14, paragraph 11(a). EW (2)Subject to sub-paragraph (3) below, the council may grant a consent if they think fit. Amendments (Textual) 41 Lost and uncollected property. (6)Subject to sub-paragraph (8) below, the council may refuse an application on any of the following grounds (a)that there is not enough space in the street for the applicant to engage in the trading in which he desires to engage without causing undue interference. Of local authority members and persons voluntarily assisting local authorities and probation committees. (2)Where a highway to which this Part of this Act applies is situated in Greater London, subsection (1) above shall have effect in relation to the highway authority and the local planning authority were a requirement to obtain their consent to the exercise of the. (2)No premises shall be treated as a sex cinema by reason only (a)if they are licensed under section 1 of the Cinemas Act 1985, of their use for a purpose for which a licence under that section is required; or (b)of their use for. And in relation to such a joint authority means the area for which the authority was established.

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(not altering text) Marginal Citations 22 Control of construction under streets. (6)The appropriate authority need not give effect to the order of the magistrates court until the time for bringing an appeal under sub-paragraph (3) above has expired and, if such an appeal is duly brought, until the determination or abandonment of the appeal. (9)Subsection (8) above has effect only in relation to offences committed after 1st January 1983. Parw repeals IN local acts IN consequence OF seection 27 Chapter Short title Extent of repeal 1967. In the Table, the entries relating to section 13(1) and 92) of the South Yorkshire Act 1980. OffencesEW 10(1)A person whoEW (a)engages in street trading in a prohibited street; or (b)engages in street trading in a licence street or a consent street without being authorised to do so under this Schedule; or (c)contravenes any of the principal terms of a street trading. (not altering text). EW (2)The appropriate authority shall send a copy of any licence granted under this Schedule to the chief officer of police for the area where the sex establishment is situated. (13)In proceedings for an offence under subsection (12) above, it shall be a defence for either the owner or the occupier to show that it would have been equitable for the prosecution to be brought only against the other. (2)It shall be a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section to prove that he took all reasonable precautions and exercised all due diligence to avoid commission of the offence by himself or by any person under his control.