Outside antenna hookup

outside antenna hookup

if the circuit is being overloaded by large signals but a shorter antenna is usually the best approach. Unless it was a movie that we rented from Amazon Prime instant video or Netflix, we were channel surfing literally every night. 60 miles away from my location, the Mohu website said the truth about this. The N-channel jfet shown is a J309 but other similar parts may be substituted.

Granted the actual different channels are perhaps a double handful, but the quality is exceptional, much better than cable or satellite. After moving the antenna around a bit and re-testing, the interference dropped a bit and the signal was a little more stable, but it still wasn't as it should.

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That's a Q of 500! No guide lines, no hassle. The other two chokes in the power supply should be below about 100 ohms, but lower resistance is fine. (In most cases strong enough signals to cause noticeable IMD won't be present; one would need two signals well above 1 millivolt each to get a 1 microvolt product from the prototype running on 15 volts.) As a worst-case test I lowered the voltage. Conclusion: All in all, I cannot say sex dating dk enough about how easy it was to get this setup and working. Even more gain may be had by increasing the 100 ohm in the collector of the 2N3904. During the day, no TV and weekends - well TV watching was non-existent as well.