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local sex Hialeah

county's camping restrictions legislation directed at the Hialeah camp to dismantle the village. Short of that, Hearne said the offenders should be allowed to continue living on the roadside, which is close to public transportation, public bathrooms and places to buy food. "Do I like these people?" Ron Book said while discussing the sex offenders living in the camp. We pay over 6,000 in taxes in this community. 49th., an unidentified woman took a producer into a small room and put on a peep show. "The people living in the encampment are involuntarily homeless wrote Legal Services lawyer Jeffrey Hearne.

I have a child. John Rode, a former Hialeah police officer turned private detective, said he contacted Hialeah police several times and provided locations of the illegal activity, but nothing was done. Hearne said there's no question the conditions are dismal at the encampment, but that Miami-Dade can't simply evict residents without any humane alternative for the next stop. "Many sexual predators and offenders arrive directly from State prisons to the encampment read the summary. Miami-Dade is promising to dismantle the camp after a judge tosssed a lawsuit trying to block enforcement of the county's anti-camping rule. His daughter, state Sen. "New encampments will pop. County social workers and police have been offering rental assistance and housing help, according to a county memo, while telling residents they had until May 6 to leave. He said his objections prompted word from the county's legal department late last week that the Sunday deadline would be delayed. However, a hidden camera carried by a Local 10 News producer showed a woman jumping up and down in her tank top.

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