Ecobee hookup

ecobee hookup

thermostat didnt have a C wire connected, but you have an unused wire in the wall that you could use as a C wire, label everything and skip to Step 4-and-a-half. You can access these settings from the ecobee3s Sensors menu. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback below. If anything goes wrong, and you want to hook it back up, you can refer to the photo later (this is a good idea to do before disconnecting anything). Check that all wires are properly inserted into the terminal blocks at the thermostat. In order to install an ecobee3, youll need a C wire either an actual one, or a virtual one (more on that later). Theyll almost certainly be attached to the R, Y, G, and W terminals on the control board. Step 9: Install Your Remote Sensor(s) Resist the urge to tinker with your new ecobee3 just long enough to also install your remote sensor. If done ideally, a 4-wire install would look something like this: 4 Wire Thermostat Wiring, notice that the terminals I talked about earlier are connected to wires that match the color: red to R, green to G, yellow to Y, and white. .

ecobee hookup

Follow along our step-by-step guide and vide os to complete the self-installation. Keep in mind that the process will vary depending on your setup. Once you ve d etermined your hvac system type, you may not need to repurpose an extra wire. Install your ecobee3 lite with confidence.

Tug on the wires to ensure they are not loose. Theres also a troubleshooting section in the installation guide, and you can always call ecobees tech support and theyll help you out. Indoor Temperature, menu controls your system, schedule and more. Now that youre part of local sex Lewisville The Hive, I invite you to come join the ecobee user discussions happening. Screws and drywall plugs, wire labels, installation guide. If yours looks like this, label them and skip to Step. Use the built-in level to make sure its straight, then mark the two mounting screw locations. How to set up your ecobee. System Mode shows your current ecobee setting, humidity shows the indoor humidity in your home. Please ensure the cover panel of the equipment is closed properly.

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