Propane range hookup

propane range hookup

at a right angle to the pipe. Dont reuse a flexible connector; if you get a new appliance, buy a new connector as well. Photo 3: Screw the connector to the gas line. Remember, gas leaks are among the most common causes of fire-related accidents at home and in businesses. While tightening the nuts, hold the tube straight against the fitting. Youll generally need a regulator with a stove thats very basic and doesnt allow for adjustment of the flame.

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When the lever is parallel to the pipe, the gas is on; at a right angle to the pipe is off. The gas connection will be hooked to the appliance and the power cord will be plugged. Step 4 - Connect to the Tank. Measure the distance, and allow an extra 1/2. How to Connect Gas Pipe Lines use a connector thats plenty long so youll have enough room to work between the stove and the wall. An anti-tip bracket will be installed to the wall behind the stove range. Coupling on the gas line to accommodate the 3/4-in. End fittings at both ends are not always readily available. Tighten the connector against the nut and then slide the hose clamp in place before using the screwdriver to tighten. Adjust Air Shutters to set proper flame adjustment. Begin by connecting the hose to the back of the propane stove.

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