Washer water hose hookup

washer water hose hookup

unit will not fill and is flashing up the code. RSS feed and I'll try to keep you informed and entertained. It still measures the temperature of the water entering the machine, and if it is too cold it will still add some hot to bring the water temp up a bit. In this case, water is actually coming in, the machine is just not able to sense it coming. The next question I hear you asking is why? If it is below 50 degrees, add a handful of detergent and see what what happens. So why the anti-flood valves built in? The various new cold water detergents have not helped either. Ive never seen one of those hoses burst. lol.

 I learn as much from others as I do from my own observations!  Did someone tell you that you could use just cold water on your washer?  I want to use just cold water.

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Take the cold water from your tap and measure the temp. Your Duet washer will not work properly with only the cold water hooked. Are your feet wet? Here in Canada, our tap water can be down as low as the low 40s F so a local sex Montgomery fair amount of hot water is required to bring the temp. In this case there was no water coming to the unit so the fill was extra long! Next: those hoses are famous for triggering off the anti-flood valve on just a regular washer fill. Kinked fill hose? Your clothes will not be washed properly in this situation. They only come in braided stainless steel. Often it will be just one hose that it happens on, but that means that when it is calling for water from that hose and not getting it, the LF code will be triggered. I think it tries to make it around 68 deg.

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washer water hose hookup

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