Reverse osmosis hookup diagram

reverse osmosis hookup diagram

water line you can draw the feed water from (which, of course, is nearly always the case). Connect the blue line from the unit to the faucet. They are:.1 Saddle valve (Standard assemble saddle valve clamp on the cold water line. Preparations, before you even purchase an RO system, its a smart idea to make sure that there is enough space under your kitchen sink for the tank and the filter module. Be careful not to over tighten the clamp. Installation Guidelines, your new looking for sex in Daly City reverse osmosis drinking water system processes, stores and dispenses water.

Final Tubing Connections With all components in place, complete final tubing connections with these guidelines: Tubing should follow contour of the cabinets. Cut tubing to correct length using square cuts and a proper cutting tool Make sure there are no crimps in the tubing. An ample flat area is required for the faucet base, so the base nut can be properly tightened. Each time the filters are replaced it is recommended that the system desperate hookup be sanitized. There is a tank, different filters, a membrane, an extra faucet, tubing of different colors, and a couple of smaller connectors and valves. On the other hand, leaving some extra tubing will come in handy, if the system ever needs to be moved somewhere else. The 3/8 black line from barb output is to be run as straight down hill as possible to the drain clamp. First, turn off both the cold and hot water supply. View our simplified Quick-Connect diagrams to see how. Use the plastic delrin sleeve that are provided in the installation kit and discard any brass ferrules that may have been provided. Allow water in tank to flush out post filter and run to drain until empty. Run 2 cycles to drain to rinse out sanitizing solution before using water.