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dependency often found as spiritual disconnection. Mark Sanders, lcsw, cadc, his most recent book is Slipping Through the Cracks: Intervention Strategies for Clients with Multiple Addictions and Disorders. Becoming a therapist was a natural path for Holly to follow.

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Bruce served on the faculty of the University of Wisconsins School of Medicine and his later research at Stanford Universitys School of Medicine revealed the nature of the biochemical pathways that bridge the mind-body duality. . See Registration information, (page 21) to sign. Maternal neglect and growing up in poverty have been shown to suppress genes regulating the cortisol receptors on the hippocampus, making it more difficult to turn off the HPA axis later in life. . 9:00-10:00 am We Were Never Designed for This: The Psychological Toxicity of Modern Day Life (and What You Can Do About It) Stephen Ilardi, PhD Has served on the faculties of the University of Colorado and (presently) the University of Kansas. This presentation will introduce you to the use of stories and other metaphorical methods in therapy. A 4 or 5 minute walk is involved. Relatively new research posits addiction as a brain disease with a confluence of many contributory factors, several of the most important of which are the genetics for alcoholism and a dopamine deficiency in the pleasure or reward center of the brain, unmetabolized trauma associated with.

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