What is a washer dryer hookup

what is a washer dryer hookup

the appliance to the power washer to the waterline. First, attach the washer to the water lines and plug it into the power. 5 you voted, if you have all the proper hook ups from a previous washer and dryer than it should be a very simple process. To the right we see dating as an adult male hookups for an electric dryer.

I have no washer / dryer hookup in my apartment!

what is a washer dryer hookup

Hook the appliance to the power washer to the waterline.
It is advised to consult a skilled person or professional to ensure the correct installation safety.
The best way to hook up your washer and dryer is to hook the exhaust up on the dryer and plug.
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This kind of space-saving washer dryer typically provides all of the cleaning and drying options of separate washers and dryers in one machine.

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You have hot and cold water supply spigots; a sanitary sewer drain for ejected water; and a 120V power outlet with gfci in the outlet. If the space is too narrow for separate washer/dryer, you can get combo washer-dryers in a single unit. Then hook up the hot and cold hose to the provided spouts. To benefit other readers, what if some hookups are missing? For the dryer, connect and clamp the exhaust duct to the dryer and exhaust connection. Usually, only common tools are needed to hook up a washer and dryer. To the left we see hookups for a common washing machine. Then, hook the exhaust hose on the dryer to the wall and plug it into the power. A large 240V power receptacle, and a large diameter vent pipe for the moist air ejected by the dryer. 5 you voted, you will need electric outlet with suitable power, hot cold waterline with drain, a screwdriver, a large wrench, some nails so the hook can be hammered in the wall. If there is no 120V power outlet, some washer-dryer matched sets are made for the washer to get electricity from the dryer. Add a comment, security code is wrong!